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    •   Hebei Tongda Pump Co., Ltd. is one of large-size, key national producers of industrial pumps , located in Baoding of China , it has a staff 0f 439 that includes 128 high and intermediate level specialists ,200 – strong production equipment , RMB95 million worth fix assets,  95,000 square meters factory area and 76,000 square meters construction area.

          The Company ,in August 2001 , passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and upgraded it to ISO9001: 2008 in 2009.On many occasions, it has won the award of Provincial Creditable Unite, it is also acclaimed as Famous Brand  Enterprises of HeBei Province.

        The Company built up new factory area in 2010 along with a sound production security system. a quality monitoring and in section system as well as an expert-like sales team. it is able to produce over 12000 sets of various pumps-odd tons of accessories for all kinds of desulfurization pump and slurry pump. The company is an industrial entity that integrates scientific research, production and management with strong technical strength. 

        Its product scope covers desulfurization pumps, slurry pumps, chemical pump, mud pump , clean water pump and relevant accessories ,serving mines, met…

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    • Tel 0312 -8306113
      Fax 0312 -8327015
      National toll-free hotline: 4000312956
      Address: Hebei Baoding city construction sector given Helu

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